Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mac mini 2011 : replacing HD 5G with SSD 256

Replaced internal HD 500GB with Crucial SSD
some photos, not going to describe how to in detail tho.
there is no discrete thermo sensor on HD unlike 2010 model.

you should update Crucial firmware to 2

Release note reads: "This is a recommended but not required firmware update. If the end user is experiencing pauses or hesitations in systems with Link Power Management ("LPM") enabled, then this update is highly recommended."
but this is "required" for at least Mac mini 2011. you will see frequent LPM freeze.
2011 Mac mini is not bootable from Crucial ISO CD image. 2010 Mac book air was bootable from it but can't connect SSD to SATA . Dead End.
I somehow manage to connect SSD to think pad and updated the firmware.

Don't forget to patch it with TRIM enabler

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